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Are you on the lookout for a reliable yet affordable server management service that can take care of your Windows server environment? Here’s introducing GetMyAdmin’s Windows Server Management service – designed to cover every aspect of your Microsoft Windows servers and the hosted applications. With our extensive experience in providing Windows Server Management Services, you can rest assured that your servers are performing to the best of their abilities.


Scope of Service:

It’s an all-inclusive Windows Server Administration & Management service. The scope of service includes server deployment & OS configuration, control panel support, security assessment, server hardening, performance optimization, server migration support, disaster recovery planning, and technical troubleshooting (proactive & reactive). Listed below are the key features and highlights of our Windows Server Administration service –


OS Support: Operating System installation and configuration by Microsoft certified professionals. Patch installation and upgrade activities are also handled in an efficient manner.

Application Support: Complete support for all Windows-specific applications including, but not limited to, IIS,, MSSQL and other components.

Third-Party Software Support: Installation and configuration of all third-party applications, packages and scripts.

Control Panel Support: Comprehensive support for Control Panel installation, configuration and troubleshooting.

Server Monitoring: 24×7 proactive Server Monitoring service to track various parameters (memory utilization, CPU utilization, server availability etc.) and identify probable issues.

Server Administration & Troubleshooting: Day-to-day administration of server system and resolution of proactive and reactive incidents.

Security Assessment and Hardening Support: Extensive support for identifying security vulnerabilities, monitoring access gateways, installing security patches and fine-tuning security settings.

Performance Optimization: Unique optimization tweaks to extract the best performance out of the server systems.

Migration Support: Design and implement server migration strategy in line with your business needs. Live Migration assistance to transfer your data between different hosting providers without any downtime.

Disaster Recovery: Dedicated disaster recovery experts to plan and execute your data backup and restoration process to perfection.


Features and Benefits:

  • Microsoft Certified Server Administrators.
  • Hassle-free Server Maintenance.
  • Industry Leading Response & Resolution SLA.
  • High Availability Guaranteed.
  • Inclusive of Proactive Monitoring, Security Hardening & Performance Optimization.
  • Assured Business Continuity in the Event of Disaster.
  • Flexible Plans to Suit Your Needs.
  • Unlimited Administration Tickets.
  • Affordable Pricing.
  • Multiple Support Lines with 24×7 Access.
Call To Action:

High availability, excellent reliability and superior performance are the hallmarks of our Windows Server Management service. So just sit back, relax and allow our highly competent server admins to manage your Windows servers with utmost care.

  • Unlimited Tickets
  • 24×7 Support
  • Control panel Installation
  • Reactive Support
  • Basic Security
  • Resolution Time
  • Firewall Configuration (CSF/APF)
  • PHP Optimization
  • Per Server Plans
  • OS Installation
  • Hacking Investigation
  • Server Optimization
  • 24×7 Server Monitoring
  • Advanced Security
  • Server Migration
  • Proactive Support
  • Hardware Raid Setup
  • Disaster Management
  • Account Transfer

Price Details

    • Upto 50 / 100 GB

$50/m OrderNow

    • Upto 100 / 200 GB

$100/m OrderNow

    • Upto 100 / 200 GB

$200/m OrderNow

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