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Ready to migrate your server, but not sure where to start? Don’t worry, because GetMyAdmin is here to help you out. Let us simplify your move with our risk-free and professional server migration service.

Our experienced team can help migrate your entire infrastructure, including servers, databases, applications, and email, from one hosting environment to another without any data loss or down time. No matter if you are looking for migrating a single server or an enterprise-level overhaul, we have the right migration solution to meet your needs.

GetMyAdmin offers a wide variety of options to migrate servers among physical, virtual, or cloud infrastructure of your choice. Whether you are migrating to a virtual private server, a cloud environment or a dedicated physical server, our custom-tailored, dependable and no down-time migration strategy can seamlessly migrate your business to the environment of your choice – while saving your organization considerable time and money.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll today and let us help migrate your server infrastructure without a single hiccup.


Migration Service Includes

  • cPanel to cPanel
  • Plesk to cPanel
  • cPanel to Plesk
  • Ubuntu to Centos
  • Centos to Ubuntu
  • Windows to Linux
  • Base server to cPanel
  • Base server to CWP
  • cPanel server to VestaCP
  • Base server to Ajenti
  • Base server to Plesk
  • Digitalocean to Linode
  • Linode to AWS
  • AWS to Rackspace
  • Rackspace to AWS
  • Vultr to AWS
  • Tomcat migration
  • War file transfer and deploy
  • Zabbix Migration
  • Mysql Server Migration
  • Python Server Migration
  • Postgresql Server Migration
  • Redmine Server
  • Godaddy to AWS
  • Shared Hosting to VPS


Discovery and Mapping

Focus on detailed technical assessment, design, planning and risk analysis.


Quality Assurance

Checkpoints monitored under the supervision of an expert migration specialist.


Integrated Solution

Ability to migrate OS, Applications, Drivers and Utilities in one single integrated solution.


Priority Service

Backed by industry-leading SLAs and complete documentation support.

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