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Crashed server? Have no idea about the server diagnosis and recovery process? Looking for assistance from server recovery experts to come out of the mess as soon as possible?

We understand that a crashed server can be a real nightmare. But no worries, you have landed at the right place! Because GetMyAdmin has the right kind of expertise to help you out with the server recovery and restoration process. We offer comprehensive Server Diagnosis and Recovery Service to restore crashed, compromised or corrupt server systems for almost all types of servers – irrespective of their makes, models, configurations and usages.


Supported Server Types:

No matter whether you are looking to recover lost data from file servers, restore application servers, retrieve web server configurations or fix database servers, you can trust our team of certified engineers to get the job done right. Our Server Diagnosis and Recovery service caters to almost all types of server failures, including but not limited to –

  • Virtual/Dedicated/Cloud Server
  • Web Server
  • Application Server
  • Database Server
  • File Server
  • Mail Server

Scope of Service:

We have got you covered from all angles and situations, including but not limited to –

      • Damaged RAID Configurations
      • RAID Controller Failure
      • Failed Operating System
      • Corrupt Partition Table
      • Server Booting Issues
      • Inaccessible Drive
      • Missing or Deleted File/Directory
      • File System Errors
      • Storage Failure (DAS, NAS, SAN, Fiber Channels)
      • Security Breaches and Hacked Servers
      • Failure from Power Outage
      • Failure from Natural Disaster

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So Why Opt for GetMyAdmin?

      • Certified Professionals.
      • Emergency Handling with 24/7/365 Availability.
      • Fast Turn-around.
      • No Recovery – No Charge Policy.
      • Over 95% Success Rate.
      • World-class Customer Service.


Pricing: $250 Per Server


So if you are experiencing a server crash, don’t panic! Just calm down while assessing the situation and determine what to do next. GetMyAdmin is always there to help you out if you are in need of expert assistance. So feel free to get in touch with us and our team of experts will come up with the best recovery strategy to get your server up and running as quickly as possible.

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