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Today’s server environments are complicated and diverse. In addition to the complexity, there are so many components in a server that common users may often find confusing. Hence the process of software installation, distribution, deployment and update takes up a lot of time. Either there are various types of dependencies or compatibility issues. As a result, custom installation of software packages often require expert level technical knowledge and additional supporting features. While it’s not a difficult task for the right person, it can prove tricky for a non-technical user. It’s a specialized discipline, therefore the task should be handled by a technically sound person with specialized skills. So it is always safer to opt for a professional service to install the required software on your server.


GetMyAdmin’s 3rd Party Software Installation service is designed to get rid of the complexity associated with custom software installation and provide you with a hassle-free experience. Basically it’s an end-to-end service where our certified consultants will guide you through each phase of software installation. Right from initial assessment to post-installation customization, our experts will be performing all the necessary actions and set up the software to your specification. Finally if you need our assistance in the future, we will always be available to provide you with quick support.

So How Does It Work?

  • 1
  • First of all the customer submits a “Custom Quote” with relevant information about the required software package and the server environment.

  • 2
  • Our support team receives the request and forwards the details to installation consultants.

  • 3
  • Then we initiate Assessment phase which involves feasibility study and compatibility analysis.

  • 4
  • Our findings and recommendations, along with the pricing quote, are forwarded to the customer.

  • 5
  • The customer sends us the acceptance letter and installation schedule.

  • 6
  • Consequently our support engineer installs the software and perform the required configuration.

  • 7
  • In addition we provide demonstration and training on operational procedure and maintenance of the software.
  • 8
  • Finally we perform post-installation customization / performance optimization, if required.

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